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“Working with Monique dramatically improved my life. By partnering with her on a journey of self-discovery, I was able to identify my life purpose and values, which equipped me to lead a more focused and effective life. Working with her enhanced my confidence because I came to realize that I am a gift to the world. I highly recommend working with Monique if you are looking for effective coaching!
Jamila A.

Marketing Professional with Top 10 Big Pharma Company

Monique helped me prepare for the biggest speaking engagement of my career - a room filled with 7,000+ tech women. When I first came to Monique - I was nervous and unsure if I could make it happen. By the end of my coaching sessions, I was ready to deliver my segment with power, authenticity, and confidence. With her masterful guidance and positive energy, Monique gave me a new perspective. Let’s just say, I received a standing ovation - and I have Monique to thank for that!
Ariel Belgrave

CEO, gymhooky.com

I worked with Monique to help prepare internal speakers for Facebook’s North America Women’s Leadership Day – an internal event for women focused on inspiration, community and learning. Internal speakers were asked to share personal stories around how they reach across differences to ‘lead together’ as women; many of whom had never presented before, let alone in front of thousands! Monique exudes confidence, presence, and authenticity. Moreover, she is gifted at being able to coach others to effectively present their content in the same way. Having her expertise to help draw out the best in our speakers was a true godsend.
Q. Hollie

L&D – FaceBook

“Monique is an INCREDIBLE coach who was able to command the attention of the room all day and also provide in the moment relevant feedback and useful examples throughout that were tailored to our questions and needs.
G. Shore

The Ad Council

Not sure who recommended me for the 1:1 session with Monique, but I just wanted to provide some feedback and say that she was FANTASTIC. Really helpful -- gave me tips that I will definitely use. Thank you for considering me for this. She's a great teacher.
G. Griggs

The New York Times

“Monique is far and beyond the most fantastic coach I’ve had . . . perhaps ever. She’s clear, concise, engaging, funny, and wonderfully spoken. She helped me be the best at communicating - showing me what helps me to connect best with my audience.”

Corporate Executive

“Monique’s presence and technique is amazing. She is so engaging, and she made a 6 hour day go by so quickly because her content and delivery are so strong!”
A. Hanley

Achieve First

“I love walking as the leader you’ve groomed me to be!”
Yolanda L.

Educational Leadership

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